I promised everyone who reads my blog that I would dedicate a page to Amanda Todd. Here you will find pictures and videos of what’s left of poor Amanda, please view these images and watch these videos because these are the last ones of Amanda. Thank you.

Her Story – Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd was just a teenager before she committed suicide, her last moments we will never know what must have been going through the poor girl’s mind. But what we do know is that she is resting in peace, she has been taking out of this evil world and where ever she is now, she is at rest. Amanda at the age of 12 flashed online, encouraged by an older man whom a year later threatened to send her photos around the internet if she didn’t flash again, she refused to and this online predator managed to find out all of Amanda’s information; family and friend names, school address, Facebook profiles and her home address.

This only predator (Paedophile) sent her photos around to all of her friends, he also created a Facebook page dedicated to that image of Amanda. The Police were then dispatched to Amanda’s house at 4am where she learn’t the news that the image of her had been posted all over Facebook. Amanda then suffered depression and had major confidence, social and major anxiety problems which started to affect her life quite badly.

Amanda got severely bullied in school and not to mention online as well. She moved school three times but people in the end, still managed to find out. She had no one, no friends and no one would help her. Amanda was again encouraged by a boy who she thought liked her but turned out he just wanted sex, ended up with his girlfriend and all of her friends showing up at Amanda’s school where Amanda was beaten down to the ground by this boy’s girlfriend. She was then later found in a ditch by her father, that must have been a traumatising moment for him to find his own daughter curled up in a ball in the middle of a ditch.

Amanda then resorted to committing suicide, she drank bleach for her first attempt of committing suicide, she was not successful, thank the lord she wasn’t because no one deserves to even consider death as an option. Amanda was yet again, bullied online and in person because of her attempt of suicide. Amanda posted a video detailing her brutal teenage years of being bullied and how traumatised she’s been since the photo was released, how she was strong enough to pull it together. But unfortunately on the 10th of October 2012 Amanda opted out (Committed Suicide), the main reason being was that she just couldn’t cope with this world.

It takes a lot of strength to even attempt suicide and succeed at it, I don’t know what Amanda must have been thinking to go through with it. I don’t know what her last thoughts are, but I would love to know because no one took an interest in this poor girl’s life. Her video around the world has inspired thousands of people, everyone has came together to support the Amanda Todd case. But why now? Why not before when she was alive and begging for help?

Amanda’s video was a sign for help, this poor girl needed just someone in her life to help her. But no, the human race pushed and pushed her into killing herself. No human being should feel as though that’s the only option that’s best for them is killing them self.  If I could turn back time, save this girl’s life, I would make a difference to more than one person’s life. I believe that this 32 year old man has been caught, arrested but no name has been released yet.

This page is dedicated to Amanda Todd, please no negative comments or they WILL be removed. Rest In Peace Amanda Todd, I never knew you, but I did come across her video before she committed suicide, my friend showed me it and I thought, what a poor girl to have had to go through all of that without anyone being there to support her. I hope where ever you are Amanda, I hope you are at rest. This story is also for all of you out there who are suffering the same, please come forward as a community so we can all help each other. You aren’t alone, I’ve been through bullying as well, please come forward and support the Amanda Todd case. Goodnight Amanda! ❤


3 thoughts on “‘AMANDA TODD R.I.P.’

    • Everyone is entitled to voice their own opinion, so who are you to say they aren’t allowed? After all you’re the one who is trying to take the fame in the spotlight of Amanda Todd. Everyone gives a shit now because she killed herself, yet before she died, no one cared, not even you. So, you are the attentions seeking one copying her video for your own amusement.

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