What do you think of iOS 7?

I remember the 18th of last month (September) when my iPhone 5 received the new update for the new iOS software, iOS7. I tried continuously for about 4 hours until the download actually started. It took about 30 minutes overall for the download to complete and install.

Apple servers were hit by millions and millions of people trying to get a hold of the new software, but unfortunately a lot of people were left to rot for a couple of more hours until either most people had the new software or the servers calmed down.

To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of iOS6, the design and layout was exceptionally brilliant, but when it comes to iOS7 it just does not compare. The new iOS is beautiful, the new design offers a whole new wide range of features and replacing the old layout with a new and improved design.

New updates for Twitter and Facebook were implemented on the app’ store hours after the new software was released. More and more app’s are being improved to look a lot smarter for the new iOS. Many people have complained about their battery life being drained faster because of the new software, yet I fail to see this happening on my device.

Overall, I think Apple has done a great job with this new piece of software and I am most looking forward to seeing what Apple have in store for us with the next iOS software, hopefully 2014 there might be a release. I was also hoping that Apple would bring out a new design for the OS X 10.7.5, my MacBook Pro could be smartened up a little.

So tell me what you think about iOS7 and tell me what you don’t like. I’ve not mentioned anything negative about this software because I haven’t found any errors or flaws yet.



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