Pokemon X or Y, which one will you choose?

So next Friday (12th October) will be the release of the new, most wanted Pokemon games of all time, X and Y. These new Pokemon will include not only the original Pokemon, but also new Pokemon. After watching loads of the trailers, I’m so excited for this adventure game; especially considering it’s in 3D!

But I simply cannot choose between X or Y. I know the differences between both games, obviously the biggest difference being that there are two main Pokemon on the covers and you can only can have one or the other. Depending on which game you buy. But I just simply cannot choose, so when both games are released then I shall just choose one depending on how fancy the cover looks aha!



2 thoughts on “Pokemon X or Y, which one will you choose?

  1. Although I was excited because it was in 3D and I wanted the experience to be sort of like Animal Crossing:New Leaf, I’m not as excited as I was originally after I heard that only the battles would be in 3D and the rest of the gameplay- exploring towns etc..was in fact 2D. That was a huge turn off for me. I’ll still be getting my copy though. “BLUE” 😉

    • I’m still confused on what copy I should purchase. Yeah I know, only the battle system is 3D 😦
      But the graphics will be improved a lot in 2D so we have that to look forward too. Not to mention A NEW STORY TO PLAY!

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