My Love for EE/iPhone 5.

So Monday just gone, I was in Manchester for a University for an assessment and a interview which I personally think went great, whey she said it went great, so it was great. Anyway, my mobile phone contract was due an early upgrade on the 18th so I had to think carefully about what phone I wanted. I looked at all the choices of the make and models and I came to a final decision, the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is pretty much just what I needed. Built in iPod for my music and an excellent camera for my photography skills. Applications that I use on a daily basis. The battery isn’t too good, but that’s only because I have the brightness on full when I’m in the house, when I’m out however, my brightness is at half.

I’m not going to compare iOS to Android because, as much as I love Android, iOS in my opinion, is just as good. Yes, Android we can customise pretty much the whole layout, but with iOS we can’t, only option is to move applications around with no widgets. I find that using iOS is a lot easier than Android when it comes to browsing and using apps’, not because of the layout, but because of how fast the iPhone 5 is compared to the speed of Android’s applications.

Before I upgraded I was on Friends & Family discount which gave me 50% off my bills every month. Since I’ve upgraded from T-Mobile onto EE, my bills are 40% cheaper. I paid £29.99 upfront for the iPhone 5, which has given me; Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Text Messages and 2GB worth of 4G internet. I think all of that is definitely worth £24.60 a month and since having my iPhone for 7 days now, I can honestly say that this was well worth the money/decision making.



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