The Walking Dead: I Ain’t A Judas – S3E11

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead will make Andrea realise where she truly belongs. The Governor is still planning to kill Rick and take over the prison. The four survivors that entered the prison that Rick scared off stumbles across Woodbury where the Governor nicely greets them. But we all know what the Governor does when he “Nicely, greets someone”, let’s just say that poor American soldier died for nothing after passing on information on the location of his fellow brother soldiers.

No one really wants Merle back in the group, but in the end he’s got Military experience and he’s a fierce human being when it comes to killing. But the Governor knows that both Merle and Michonne are both at the prison. Andrea heads to the prison and when she gets there and sees that half of the group are dead, she feels terrible. Yet when Carol asks her to kill the Governor, in the end, Andrea just can’t bring herself to kill Philip. I’m guessing that she loves him.the-walking-dead-3.11-i-aint-no-judas-main

Rick is still trying to get over the death of Lori, by walking around the prison hoping that she’ll just pop out randomly and tell him that everything is okay. He still thinks that, there is a reason, some sort of answer he just needs to know to help him with what to do next for the group, or his life.   If Rick can’t lead the group any more, I wonder who’s going to man up and take Rick’s position as the new leader. Maybe Daryl? I mean you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of his cross-bow.  Maybe Glen? He’s starting to become a little fierce now, all the anger and rage building up inside of him will eventually end up getting him killed.

I’m starting to get a little worried for Philip as he’s becoming quite insane. Training younger children up to use guns, it’s like a child army of Woodbury versus the ghetto prison. Philip’s actions are going to get him killed, I just wish there was a truce between Rick and Philip. But we all know that isn’t going to happen unfortunately, so expect more of the main characters to be tortured, bitten and killed.




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