The Walking Dead: The Suicide King – S3E9

the-walking-dead-season-3-episode-9-promo-the-suicide-kingThe Walking Dead is back and the gang are becoming smaller every episode. The Governor is quite depressed, thinking out a nice little plan on killing Rick’s people. Whilst Daryl and Merle escape, Daryl decides to go his separate ways with Merle because the group won’t accept Merle back in. Whey I can’t blame them because Merle is literally a psychopath.

Rick has been informed that Carl has let 4 survivors he found into the prison, but securely locked up. Just after Herschel convinces Rick into letting the newbies stay, Rick sees the dead ghost of his wife Laurie. Meanwhile back at Woodbury, Andrea is keeping the peace by making up some believable story that people will actually believe whilst the Governor plans his kill on Rick’s group.

the-walking-dead---season-3-episode-9---sneak-peek---the-suiMy overall thoughts on this episode, why? Why let Daryl leave? He’s one of the main people on this show. Hopefully he’ll be back right? I mean Daryl has to come back. I hope for some Military presence in the future series, but I doubt this will happen as Rick is yet to lose a hand. It still baffles me how the infection didn’t kill Herschel even after he was bit.


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