For all you overseas readers who don’t know what TOPMAN is, please check out this link before reading otherwise you won’t understand what I’ll be talking about: (TOPMAN Website)

526588_481378241926030_214531206_nFor all you readers who do know what TOPMAN is and who actually do have an addiction to their wide range of clothing, then please understand my addiction for their style of clothing as well. I’m not too much into their new seasonal clothing range at the moment, I’m far too busy into the year 2011’s style of clothing.

I’m talking about Jorts, V-Neck T-Shirts and Carrot top jeans (Ripped for the styled look). Denim is my favourite material right now, but I’m also quite into High Rollers, Snap Backs, Parka coats and naked feet Vans. The problem being is, when I enter a TOPMAN store, regardless on whether or not they have a sale on or not, I can guarantee you that I will end up purchasing a piece of clothing from their store.

598567_486521544745033_474947362_nThe question I’ve been asked is, “Why TOPMAN? Why not another shop, preferably cheaper such as Primark?”. Good Question, because TOPMAN’s line of clothing may be a little expensive, just like most clothing shops are, but the material lasts longer. Primark might be cheap, whey they used to but I’ve noticed their prices slowly building up over the past few years.

Primark’s clothing just never seems to last very long, they end up with holes or falling apart within weeks. The shop itself tends to copy the same style and make the current styles look cheaper and shit. I’ve been in loads of clothes shops such as, New Look and USC and nothing really ever has caught my eye when it comes to clothes in any other shop bar TOPMAN. I’ve noticed that eBay has quite a lot of TOPMAN clothes on their site by random sellers all around the UK at cheaper prices than in the actual stores themselves.


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