The Following – SAW’s Twin Brother…

the-following-14This new television show is actually proper good, if you’re a big fan of the SAW films, then this new television show is going to rock your world. We all know that in the SAW movies, it’s full of death, games and well thought out plans. Well in this new show, we follow the story of a FBI agent who captured a serial killer and brought him to justice.

Joe Carroll used to be a college professor who is a serial killer, killing young girls in a gothic styled ritual, heroe’s honour I should say. Working with a former FBI agent Ryan Hardy trying to stop the killer, Ryan ends up finding out that Joe is actually the killer he’s been looking for. Fooled by Joe, Ryan ends up capturing Joe in the end, but suffering a almost fatal death due to a knife being stuck inside of him. Ryan had to have a pacemaker put inside of him to keep him alive.

The-followingYears later and Joe has built himself a little cult full of copy cat serial killers. With years of planning, on the internet and in person with these new copy cat killers, each and every single one of them have a plan that they need to stick to otherwise they’re not use to Joe. Joe escapes Death Row with some help from his new followers where he goes and kills another girl, but this girl was the one that Ryan saved years ago which Joe needed to kill.

Ryan was brought back into the agency to track down and arrest Joe, which he eventually does, but Joe surrenders because that was his last plan of action before he dies. Or so he thought. Joe plans the kidnapping of his own son which to him, is a game. The rest of the episodes all follow Ryan trying to track down Joe’s son to save him, even though no harm will come to him. A lot of hidden secrets surface when Claire finds out that she’s been stalked for years and Ryan was actually having an affair with Joe’s wife at the time.

Just when we thought little Joey (Joe’s son) was just about to be rescued, Joe’s followers invade the crime scene and kill four SWAT team members and burst Joey out of the farm house he was kept in which was actually heavily surrounded by Law Enforcement, Local PD, US Marshals, FBI, SWAT and possibly National Guard was called in?

This show contains quite a lot of sexual scenes, murders and it’s an absolute head twister. But this show can only keep getting better, I’m enjoying it and it’s only onto it’s sixth episode so far. I can sense a season two coming along.


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