The Hobbit: April 8th on Blu-Ray


April 8th 2013 The Hobbit shall be released on both DVD and Blu-Ray. Not sure on the prices yet, but they will vary from £10 to £22 depending on which shop is selling the release and what format you buy it on. I’m really looking forward to purchasing The Hobbit as I went to see it in the cinemas in 3D.

Although the 3D experience was amazing, it did hurt my eyes quite a few times which was a big downer. This movie does follow on from the original three films, it’s actually set before the three films. This movie, The Hobbit, is all about a small halfing called Bilbo Baggins and his long and tiring adventures. All of his friends that he meets, the return of a few familiar faces and how Bilbo actually obtains the ring into his possession.

I won’t ruin it if you have yet to see The Hobbit, but just remember to mark down the 8th of April as the release of The Hobbit day and get yourselves down to your nearest retailer that deals in DVD/Blu-Ray releases and purchase this beautiful masterpiece.



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